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At Saint Mark United Methodist Church, we are devoted to spreading the word of God and making a meaningful difference in the lives of everyone we touch. With our diverse range of ministries, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to meet the spiritual, communal and emotional needs of our congregation. Whether you are looking for a place to worship, need support during difficult times, or simply want to connect with other members of the parish, we are here for you.

Membership & Fellowship Communities

Bereavement Ministry

The purpose of the bereavement ministry is to act as a liaison for families as they experience the loss of a loved one.  The ministry provides personal contact and guidance via coordination of funeral services and repast dinner arrangements, as well as support through the three elements of grief and loss: recognition, remembrance and rebuilding.  

Congregational Care Team

The Congregational Care Team supports individuals who are making major life transitions.  This could be providing support through a challenging circumstance such as: divorce, medical prognosis or death.  This could also be a celebration such as: childbirth, adoption, engagement or any life altering event. 

Prison Ministry

Prison Ministry – visits local prisons, encouraging, witnessing, teaching, and offering support to incarcerated persons and their families.

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