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Welcome to the Saint Mark United Methodist Church website!  We are so glad that you are interested in learning more about


We are a diverse, warm and loving community of believers committed to teaching biblical truths in a practical manner. We facilitate spiritual growth through energetic worship celebrations, relevant and practical preaching, mission and community service opportunities and studying God's word through small groups.

This site provides detail about what you will experience by connecting with Saint Mark. We worship in a CASUAL ATMOSPHERE, with no focus on your attire! We invite you to come as you are, but take heed, you won’t stay as you are because in this place, the love of God is working to make all things new!

Our HOSPITALITY is the BEST! We are friendly, loving people. From the moment you enter the front doors, you will definitely know how happy we are that you came to worship with us. 

We are truly family here, we pride ourselves in connecting with our members and establishing long term relationships to ensure that no person ever has to endure the ups and downs of life alone!

Saint Mark is a historic symbol of the goodness of Jesus Christ. For over 100 years, the ministry of Saint Mark has provided an accepting, healing and teaching atmosphere which empowers thousands weekly. Saint Mark is the largest African-American Church in the state of Kansas with approximately 3500 members. The Church has one of the most ethnically diverse congregations in Wichita and is known throughout the community as a place of possibilities and transformation. 


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